About us

IGF S.p.A. is a company that has been operating in the publishing market for over 43 years. Its production is mainly aimed at the publishing market where the need for a high level of quality is most felt. Over the years, the growth of IGF S.p.A. has been built around two keywords: innovation and flexibility.

Our History

Founded in 1981, IGF S.p.A. immediately made book production its main activity, and since 2004 it has decided to diversify by offering its customers a 360-degree production service, with the possibility of producing not only paperback publications but also hardcovers.


With an annual production of over 15 million books, including hardcovers and paperbacks shipped worldwide, IGF S.p.A. plays an increasingly significant role in the publishing market and is recognized throughout Europe for the high quality of its work.

Innovation and flexibility are the key words that distinguish it.

Innovation in technology: in the research and acquisition of increasingly cutting-edge equipment. Economic innovation:aiming for the highest quality and efficiency standards.

Flexibility: in adapting machines to the needs of its customers and in the ability to produce extraordinary products within the expected deadlines.

Our Products  

  • Milled and stitched brochures, with or without flaps;
  • Hardcover books with square, round, and semi-cloth spines;
  • Dutch-bound books;
  • Books bound in the Bodoni style;
  • Swiss-bound books, both brochures and hardcovers;
  • Japanese-bound books...
  • ... and much more!

Our Markets 

360-degree luxury market: high fashion, high jewelry, architecture, furnishings, art, catalogs for international museums, art photography, travel photo reports, sacred art, automobiles, music, and more.

IGF S.p.A. is able to offer a comprehensive printing and binding service.

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